Anne with an E


This is a 2017 television series of Netflix with CBC , adaptation from  the novel series starting with Anne of the Green Gables.

I started to watch it because, it has been advised for being  natural and heartful, eventhough I thought at first it was a child series  and it would be little childish. The first season is 7 episodes, and one can watch it without stopping. The first episode is 1:30 hours long, like a tv movie, but I think it is convenient in order to adjust the tone of the series and the characters, and that this is not a classic child series.

About the synopsis: The lonely living brother and sister in the Green Gables farm, at  Avonlea village, located on Prince Edwards island in Canada, decided to adopt a boy, hoping he will help them in the farm business during their old age. But when the brother gets to the train station to pick up the boy, he finds himself, face to face with a red haired, high spirited little girl; although he got that there had been a misunderstanding, he could not resist the girls excitement , and took her with him to the farm. The girl was so happy, so full of joy  for being  wanted, being adopted, and  coming to such a place with fine scenery, she could not stop herself praising the environment with extravagant words.  And yeah, the waterfall of long, unstoppable sentences full of big sylleabled  words and phrases throw you over you like a tornado , but after a while you got used to it. The rest of the story is the adventures of Anne if she would be adopted or not (which I could easily say yes of course she is adopted, without any spoiler warnings because, hey, the story’s  name is“of green gables” so what else is needed?) , Anne’s adaptation to social life of the town and with the other families, and being a growing young maiden, her relations with boys and girls.

Before the series, I only remember Anne of Green Gables from the old anime, and very poorly to be honest. For that reason, the differences between this version with  the novels and other tv adaptations, especialy mostlu mentioned 1985 version, didn’t bother me. I had read on several bad comments about this adaptation, about how they changed the characters like the enterance of feminism, and storyline being darker. I had read that it had been referred in the novels, that Anne had her harsh times in the past, but overcome them by her high spirit, positivism. The new tv series creates a new Anne, a girl with past traumas, instead.

As I mentioned before, this tv series was advices for being natural. And while I was watching it I find it most convenient, natural and realistic, that a girl who grew up in an orphanage in 17th century, being used as a handmaid at her foster houses, with no true friends, not felt any parental love from any grown up,  carries her past traumas within a quick change in her new life, being wanted to be loved and choosen by new people as a daughter, as a best friend, her disappointments for feeling unwanted again. Also, a close circle town people not being cold and prejuidal to an outsider whose background is unknown.

Although I didn’t bother, I also understand the feelings of disappointed people. Coming across with a beloved novel or its characters who are totally different from your imagination or from novels soul, easily produce a dislike. (example Girl with a Dragon Tatto movie US version). But I didnt read the books, and I easily loved the story telling of the tv series. And I should add, after reading synopsis of the novels, I even like this version more. The truth the comments of the following website affected my view.

I could say one negative thing, which is Anne being to much heroic in most of the episodes. Throwing someone to a new town, and slowly making people understand her virtues and making them loving this person seems a little old trick. Well, story must some how develop, right?

One special character I would like to mention is Gilbert Blyth.


While watching the series, from the moment Anne and Gilbert first come across I thought they would be a cute couple. Later, I read about the novels and other adaptations and learned that they are the couple made to be. But I also read that their meeting including “carrot” incident and board breaking at the head had caused a 5 years of hostility to Gilbert from Anne’s side.  In the tv series, they had developed a different solution to her dislike; Since most of Anne’s cold behaviour to Gilbert caused because of the others girls’ pushing her to put a space between him and her, she overcome her ideas with the motto of “being sorry for the things you didn’t do”, after his father’s death, and her dislike started to resolve ; with the last episode, turning into a hopeful situation for both of them.

Well, one can’t think that a person would endure an unrecuited love for 5 years, and a girl couldn’t understand her love or even a sympathy  in her heart, if that really exist, for 5 or 6 years, until the boy sacrified his job for her, like in the novel.  In my heart it would be alright if they were somehow connected but not in love at the moment, and fall in love after being more mature in mind and soul, mutually. Ofcourse this is not my novel, so I could not change it, but otherwise will be more realistic and believable, anyway.

<End of Spoiler >

Series was visiually also perfect, with color and amazing shooting locations.

The actors are very bright. The young Ambybeth McNuty is the perfect Anne after the anime. The actors playing Cuthberts, the new parents are wonderful; I especially find Geraldine James amazing. Also ofcouse the young Gilbert played by Lucas Jade Zumann, promising.

In conclusion;

I really loved Anne- with an E – for using geourgeus words continuously, showing exitement for life, loving Jane Eyre and quoting from her (which I believe, I love mostly because of this) , being a hot tempered girl. The second season will come in 2018. I will be waiting.

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